About me

How it all began...

I turned my passion for photography into a career around 24 years ago. After graduating in business administration and working for over 12 years as Head of Photography at the nightlife platform tilllate.com, I have been working as a freelance photographer since the end of 2012.

Versatile with a focus on people & emotion: event photography

Thanks to my many years of experience in capturing unique moments and emotions photographically, I have made a name for myself in Switzerland, particularly in the field of event photography. In 2014, I also completed a Master's degree in Business Communications.

I have also been working for traditional media since 2012; for example, I regularly provide the magazine "Schweizer Illustrierte" with photos for their event pages. In addition to many event assignments, I am also present on social media, especially instagram. My pictures thrive on natural, bright light. Thematically, my focus is on events, weddings, products and food.


The largest nightlife platform in Europe

My visit to the Street Parade in the summer of 2001 was to change everything: I was photographed in Zurich by the newly founded party portal tilllate.com. I then worked as a photographer and partner for this website in Basel, which was extremely popular at the time, during my bachelor's degree. In 2005, after successfully completing my business studies, I moved to Zurich and worked operationally for the portal for several years. After successful and eventful years as a photographer and business developer, we parted ways in summer 2012.


All beginnings are difficult

I have never regretted my decision to become a freelance photographer in the fall of 2012. Nevertheless, there were weeks and months that were not easy, especially at the beginning. Thanks to my good contacts, professional service quality and great commitment, I was able to make a name for myself as an event photographer over the years.

David biedert office Kopie
World Economic Forum 2017

Clooney & Biden

In the following years as a freelance photographer, I experienced numerous highlights. One particularly memorable moment, for example, was when Hollywood star George Clooney and his wife and then US Vice President Joe Biden stood right in front of me in Davos in 2017. In situations like that, everything has to go right first time - there's no second attempt.

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